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I have very few pet peeves in life. I feel as though I am a pretty ‘go with the flow’ kinda person and I don’t like letting anger overshadow my happiness. But sometimes there are certain human interactions that leave me pondering violent thoughts. One certain thing that people do that causes me wonder how they are able to make it through everyday life without assistance. This would happen to be when people attempt to argue opinion.

Now while I am a very opinionated person (and I stress very), I hold a very strong understanding that everyone is entitled to their own. I encourage people to voice their opinion. I love to hear different sides to a story. I however hold disdain for the people who feel as though the opinion that they have convinced themselves is right is the only option. I call them Hovs (hōhvs). Short for Jehovah’s Witness. I have a severe problem when someone attempts to push their opinion on me as if I am an idiot for not sharing the same thoughts as them. Fact is indisputable. Opinion is a belief  based on views of other people or self comprehension which is in no way in danger of being a fact.

I recently got into an argument with a redneck at a gas station about sports and not Barack Obama which I thought was weird. It started off by me making a low key joke about his 1000 ounce Green Bay jug he just filled with Mountain Dew and Powerade to make what I will refer to a backwoodade. So we both get in line at the same time after I bought some grape drink and Skittles and he filled his above ground swimming pool full of the backwoodade and failure. I see his jug and the fact that it looks like it has been through Alabama and back and I commented about how strong Green Bay looks and how I think Aaron Rodgers has taken over well for Brett Favre. He looked at me as if I told him Toyota makes a better truck than Chevy (which you should never tell a redneck). And he went on about how Brett Favre and god only differ in age and that there will never be a 2 legged 2 armed man birthed out of a vagina that will be better than him at anything in life let alone football.  And I took it in and respected that he was a fan and expressed it in a grand spectacle of statistics and accomplishments. As a football fan the rule is when someone tells you their favorite you have to say yours. So I started to speak about how my favorite QB of all time was Randall Cunningham and he started shaking his head while I was talking and explaining why he was my top. Not the head shake when you hear bad news, but the head shake as if I was wrong for it not being Brett Favre. He literally tried to explain to me why Brett Favre should be my favorite quarterback and gave me websites to go look at and offered to give me the Brett Favre shirt from his driver seat that has been victim of sweaty back fur and swamp ass for who knows how long.

What made me mad about the whole thing was when I denied his claims for Brett Favre supremacy he took it up a notch and started to get frustrated that I didn’t agree with him. Which in turn made me mad because of the fact that an opinion cannot be wrong and he basically shunned mine and put his on top of not just mine but anyone who thought different. And it drug me into an argument at an AM/PM with an intellectual minor leaguer holding a plastic cauldron and buying nudie mags which is NEVER where I want to be.

Maybe I just don’t understand the psyche of a person who feels that their opinion is actually right and the mere opposition of this opinion is blasphemous and should be met with aggression. I feel as though I go into conversations where opinions are thrown around as an objective party. I understand people have stances on all different topics and that no one is going to share the same mindset on everything. But why would you create a frustratingly elevating situation because I feel differently than you? Why attempt to dismiss my way of thinking to adopt yours when they lack similarity? If I like grits and you don’t; you are not right because of your refusal to accept them into your body. Just different. I mean these differences in opinion are things that lead to war, death, and bad reality shows all over the world. Racism and religion being the 2 biggest culprits of this. If you are one of these people that find it hard to accept that people have their own way of thinking and that accepting a persons opinion almost means contributing to terrorism then…….


Fridays are reserved for days with little to no care. Less work is done, detail is not a priority, and a general laisssez-faire attitude is common across the board. So in celebration for such a day I will be dubbing these installments of my blog GTFO Fridays. The title is my attempt at avoiding alliteration aggressively although actually attaining an adequate amount of alliteration.  So now that introductions are done and I am now sick of words that start with ‘A’, lets move on to this weeks topic……………E-CARDS.

For someone like myself who spends more time on social media sites than nerds spend alone (I am a nerd also) I am someone who is constantly exposed to internet trends. These come and go like today’s rappers; but every now and then there are the ones that stick and refuse to go away. Most I can stomach and am able to just brush them off and move along my timeline but sometimes trends come along that annoy me to the core of my soul. Enter E-Cards.

Now I am not sure what level of hell these were birthed from or what brainstorm of failure caused this but I do know that they need to go directly to jail and not pass GO. They have gotten to the point now that they have completely replaced people even being able to speak for themselves. They have taken over cerebral reality and became a spokesman for the inability to form actual thought. Now I will not deny that they are cleverly written and as a comedian I would love to snag a gig writing these but my point is not to bash the content of them but the idea as a whole. I can understand not being able to put what you feel into words at times. I can comprehend the transitional phase of the thought to word process being halted every now and then. What I can’t understand is having the E-Card people speak for you 100% of the time. When your only contribution to the Facebook/Twitter universe are E-Cards then that is what I have a problem with. I am not sure if they are used because people actually feel the way the cards state or if they enjoy people belonging to a collective thought they posted and someone else actually created. Is it one of those, “I have always thought that” kind of things or do they just agree so haphazardly with a quip on a colorful background with antique people that the thought manifests and they feel it is their own? Since those are questions I don’t have answers to all I am left with is judgement. So in my head the people guilty of only posting a funny statement that was written with no thought of them are promoters. They are advertisers and champions of a movement that garners no rewards. Now if likes and re-tweets are rewards to you then I ask; what do you get out of bed in the morning for? Why post propaganda in the light of continuing mindless updates on your actions? How can someone speak for your life and your life’s events that is not in your life?