The Ramblings of an Insomniac 3

Posted: July 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ll set the scene. It’s after 2am and it’s almost completely dark in my room. The only light is from the bright blue LED on my computer shining on the wall across the room. The faint sounds of precipitation outside are failing to give the gift of slumber. The ceiling fan creates a rhythmic but not overbearing ticking sound above my bed. I’m staring at a dark ceiling and fighting the urge to check my wonderfully dry phone as if something drastic and noteworthy has occurred in the 45 seconds since I sat it on my night stand. The goulash that is my thought process is firing on all cylinders as if I just woke up. At no point does my brain slow itself and allow for a peaceful descent into sleep. Where’s a Bill Cosby margarita when you need one? How does my couch do a better job than my bed at causing drowsiness? The walk from the living room to the master bedroom is seemingly the equivalent of a Double Torture at Dutch Bros. 
I’d love to pool all this random data swirling around my cerebrum and organize but I think I’d lose myself in the process. I’m not one for normality or the easy way out. I’m a suffer in silence, you’ll never guess what’s next, wing it and see what happens kind of person. Which for a someone who is relied upon to be expertly technical is a bit of a contradiction. Work in the morning is going to be an interesting test in self control. Frustration in addition to sleep deprivation equals a very combustible ethnic reaction. For now I will attempt sleep in hopes of it actually happening. I’ll keep you informed. 


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