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How would you react? Would you be glad? Would you be in the minority of people who would see the old ways of communication returned? Would you belong to the small group (in comparison to the contrary) who despise social networking and feel it cheapens human interaction? Or would you be in the vast majority of this pie chart? The ones who will (whether admittedly or not) struggle in its absence. The ones who will find it tough to convey random pontification to whomever is logged in and wading through the non-stop barrage of updates. Where do you stand on this?

Gone are the days where a phone call to a friend was how to find out the evenings plans. No longer do we as people congregate offline with the same intent as it has been replaced with seemingly low risk interactions of code in an endless sea of information. The need for instant gratification and the need to feel important has been such a need as a result of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. etc. A single status update that has zero influence on the droves of arbitrary “friends” would cease to exist. How would you respond? How would the shy anti social introvert be able to express his ideas from the safety of a laptop? How would the niche group of knuckle hair enthusiasts be able to find each other? Have we gone that far away from the days before social networking changed the world? It almost seems impossible to fathom not being able to connect with anyone from anywhere at anytime.

I know for me it would be tough. The amount of people I present myself to in social networking differs greatly from the people I choose to speak with personally. Going from having the world at my finger tips to being just privy to only my phones contact list would hinder such an internet self promoter like myself. As someone who benefits from exposure I find social networking to be an invaluable tool. However I have also noticed that it has also become an addiction. To have social networking disappear would be a large issue for me and countless other individuals as well as organizations that count on the reach that social networking provides. We have become so reliant on this tether to other people we don’t know that even a few days without it seems unimaginable. What would you do tomorrow if it died today?