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“Pull your damn pants up!!”, “That isn’t real music!”, “They sure don’t make these things like they used to.”, ETC

Sound familiar? Sound like something you as a grown up have said in response to something the generation after us has done? Sound exactly like some shit your folks said to you when you were a spring chicken that you subsequently rolled your eyes and probably scoffed at? Welcome to that stage of life. That stage where you become your parents. That stage where you realize you’re in bed by 9PM and sleeping in is getting up around 7AM. The stage where none of the new dances make sense and you have a hard time doing them all…….but still try.

Cyclical. Most things move in a circle and history repeats itself throughout time. This includes government policy, the Raiders being good (fingers crossed), and of course getting old and hating all the things the youngins are doing. Skinny jeans, snap backs, and flat tops being the pinnacle of this new trend makes me growl loudly and shake my fist with strong voracious intent to mock and remember how things used to be. I remember when my folks used to do the same exact thing when I rocked my overalls with one strap. Or when I had more lines in my head than Lindsey Lohan has on her coffee table. They couldn’t wait to tell me about myself. I fear that I have come to this point of my life and I am weirdly OK with it. I am fine with the understanding that the generation you grew up in is always going to be the best in your eyes. I don’t necessarily believe that Cross Colours was better than today’s fashion, but during the time they were the bees knees. Seems today’s trends want to be a new twist on an old flavor. I guess it is the current time trying to pay homage to the past. When you really look at it our generation isn’t ready to be the past. This is why we poke fun and berate. It has nothing to do with exactly what we deem cool or popular. Its based off of the times changing and holding on to the past. Its not a bad thing but it creates a line between generations. A line drawn in the sand that separates 80’s babies from kids who grew up in the Pokemon time or baby boomers and hippies. I refuse to let go of my 90’s hip hop and my need for being outside. Especially if the replacement is 2 Chainz and wearable computers (Google that shit). Took me a minute to come to terms with not being able to do the Jerk right off the bat. Then I thought; I would rather do the Wop anyway. I am a champion of my time and refuse to subscribe to the SWAG/HIPSTER epidemic. So I will just walk head high into my life as a generation hater. We are all guilty of it.