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For a special Fathers Day edition of GTFO Friday I will be writing about something I have a seriously empathetic spot in my heart for. Something that we all have either experienced directly or indirectly. It affects people throughout their entire lives and some have the damnedest time coping with it. I am talking about terrible fathers.

I have a very diverse set of friends and a large family that spreads across the country. From entrepreneurs to 9 to 5 business folks, from pastors to people who can be considered evil, from the ever positive to the always angry and so on. The one thing that ties that group of people together is that they almost all have some sort of story where a father is not there or the father is in fact not a father to them or their family at all. The fact that this subject comes up so often in my travels as a documentary on life is disconcerting. Way too often is there a story about someone who has not heard from their father or their father is either mentally or physically abusive. As I’ve grown up the stories changed from people having issues with their father, to people having issues making the child’s father be a present and participating party. The consistency in something so damaging is staggering. Now don’t get me wrong, I do hear about the good fathers out there and I won’t say that it isn’t common. In fact the fathers doing what they are supposed to be doing aren’t what you hear about because you shouldn’t be credited or rewarded for doing what you are supposed to be doing. The stories that make their way to the top are the ones that have altered a person’s life and perception on men and what responsibility is. Or the ones that cause deep seeded trust and dependency issues. To watch a person go through life having this burden is like watching a fight video on World Star. You know at some point that it is going to be overwhelming and they will need to be picked up.

As a father myself, it is impossible for me to fathom the life of a man who created a child (or 12 if you’re Antonio Cromartie) and has no intent on them being a priority. I see myself in my kids and my history will not allow anything less than the best for my kids. The thought of never seeing the kids you made and living a happy life escape me as no explanation formed could justify such a thing outside of saving the world.

I really didn’t want this post to be a bashing of fathers. And this is definitely not a topic that needs awareness raised. I think I started this being in pain and since your heart and brain bleed through writing, this is what it has become. I wont go into my issues, but I will say that I am stronger because of it. I actually struggled with trying to write this as an unaffected 3rd party which only led to using backspace more often than actual typing. As I stated earlier, it is something that follows you through life no matter what type of wall you have put up to block out the affecting feelings. No matter the successes that life has brought. No matter the comfort given. And Fathers Day comes around 365 days a year. However since the calendar tells me that this Sunday is Fathers Day any father that feels as though they have been the subject of this blog should…..



Fridays are reserved for days with little to no care. Less work is done, detail is not a priority, and a general laisssez-faire attitude is common across the board. So in celebration for such a day I will be dubbing these installments of my blog GTFO Fridays. The title is my attempt at avoiding alliteration aggressively although actually attaining an adequate amount of alliteration.  So now that introductions are done and I am now sick of words that start with ‘A’, lets move on to this weeks topic……………E-CARDS.

For someone like myself who spends more time on social media sites than nerds spend alone (I am a nerd also) I am someone who is constantly exposed to internet trends. These come and go like today’s rappers; but every now and then there are the ones that stick and refuse to go away. Most I can stomach and am able to just brush them off and move along my timeline but sometimes trends come along that annoy me to the core of my soul. Enter E-Cards.

Now I am not sure what level of hell these were birthed from or what brainstorm of failure caused this but I do know that they need to go directly to jail and not pass GO. They have gotten to the point now that they have completely replaced people even being able to speak for themselves. They have taken over cerebral reality and became a spokesman for the inability to form actual thought. Now I will not deny that they are cleverly written and as a comedian I would love to snag a gig writing these but my point is not to bash the content of them but the idea as a whole. I can understand not being able to put what you feel into words at times. I can comprehend the transitional phase of the thought to word process being halted every now and then. What I can’t understand is having the E-Card people speak for you 100% of the time. When your only contribution to the Facebook/Twitter universe are E-Cards then that is what I have a problem with. I am not sure if they are used because people actually feel the way the cards state or if they enjoy people belonging to a collective thought they posted and someone else actually created. Is it one of those, “I have always thought that” kind of things or do they just agree so haphazardly with a quip on a colorful background with antique people that the thought manifests and they feel it is their own? Since those are questions I don’t have answers to all I am left with is judgement. So in my head the people guilty of only posting a funny statement that was written with no thought of them are promoters. They are advertisers and champions of a movement that garners no rewards. Now if likes and re-tweets are rewards to you then I ask; what do you get out of bed in the morning for? Why post propaganda in the light of continuing mindless updates on your actions? How can someone speak for your life and your life’s events that is not in your life?